Client Spotlight- FISH Window Cleaning


It's time for some Spring Cleaning, and I don't know about you, but my windows are regularly neglected.

I need to give Lonnie Drouhard, at FISH a call soon!

Located at 430 2nd Ave. SE in Albany, FISH Window Cleaning is ready to serve.

"We know you want your home to always look its best! Let us help cross some items off your to-do list. Window cleaning is time consuming, tedious, and can even be dangerous so our bonded and insured team will handle cleaning all of your windows inside and out."

Services include:

  • Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning for Businesses and Homes
  • Screen Cleaning
  • Skylight Cleaning
  • Mirror Cleaning
  • Chandelier Cleaning
  • Outdoor Light Fixture Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning


As a member of the local BNI chapter, they take relationships and referrals seriously, and so do we.

Contact FISH Window Cleaning today to set up your free estimate!


It is our pleasure to serve you!

Client Spotlight- Marli Williams

Coaching — Marli Williams

I don't know about you, but this person inspires me!

Are you looking for more than a speaker for your next event?

"Marli is an inspirational speaker and leader who connects with her audiences in a way that is authentic and captivating, creating a powerful learning environment that encourages courageous conversations.” 

- Keith Russell


Marli designs and creates unique experiences based on the needs and goals of your event, team, company, school or organization. The mission is not to just provide more information, but to create a transformational experience that makes a lasting impact.

If you re ready to awaken your potential, need a pep talk, or would like to contact Marli to speak at an upcoming event, check out her website and be sure to follow on Facebook!

It is our pleasure to serve you!

Client Spotlight- Craft Bar West and Dry Town Tap Station


Looking for something fun and different in these challenging times? Do you love crafting, while sipping or nibbling on something tasty?

Craft Bar West is an actual Craft Bar with a full food menu, Craft Cocktails and Craft Beer! You can schedule and join a crafting event, or you can come in and enjoy some good food with a cold drink- or all of the above!

Visit our friends at 157 Main St W in Monmouth, OR.

Visit Craft Bar West on Facebook and their Website for more details and upcoming events!

If crafting isn’t really your thing, maybe you would enjoy some live music and tasty eats down at Dry Town Tap Station! They have 20 taps, spirits, indoor and outdoor seating, fire pits, games, live music, food carts- what’s not to love? Be sure to check out their Facebook page for more information and upcoming events! I feel some summer fun coming on!

Come on out and support these amazing local businesses!

It is our pleasure to serve you!

Client Spotlight- Helix Training


Do you want to improve your overall health, train for an athletic event, or have a nagging flexibility issue? Are you ready to commit to your health and fitness with a program that is personalized and designed around your goals?
Visit our friends at Helix Training at 2323 NW 9th Street in Corvallis.

Did you know that according to the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, more than 40 million American workers suffer from chronic lower back pain? At Helix, classes are all taught by Certified Functional Strength Coaches (CFSC). Each session is designed to improve functional strength to help you with everyday tasks. Maybe its training for ski season, carrying items to and from the car, or you want to improve your posture and flexibility, their classes and personal training sessions are designed to help you meet your goals.
“As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I have seen my share of patients who have suffered injuries through improper training. The goal of Helix Training is to focus on everyday, functional fitness, and build skills to avoid those injuries no matter if you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior.” Dr. Kathy Lynch, PT, DPT

Be sure to follow on Facebook for great tips and information!
Call 541-286-7850, email [email protected] or visit their website today to sign up for a class and get moving toward a healthier you!

It is our pleasure to serve you!

Client Spotlight- LuLaRoe Melissa Campbell


If you were to look up "Dynamic Duo" in the dictionary, you just might find this picture...

"Al and Mel", as their clients refer to them, have been in the business of spreading joy and simply comfortable clothing since 2014. They reside in Corvallis, OR, with their four beautiful children. This business has provided them the opportunity to work from home on their own terms, and to travel abroad, making amazing memories.
If you haven't heard of LuLaRoe, they are best known for their buttery soft leggings, and there is so much more to love.
Melissa and Allen Campbell are Independent Fashion Retailers and their inventory is completely unique. LuLaRoe makes limited quantities of a print, so the chances of you seeing someone else in the same print and style are slim to none.
The LuLaRoe business model is called Social Retail. Melissa and Allen work hard to connect with their customers on a personal level, through pop up boutiques and online. This modern and relevant way of shopping develops meaningful, long lasting relationships. For example, they know I love ladybugs, so anytime there is a piece with a fun ladybug print, they give me a shoutout. They know my favorite styles, what I feel empowered wearing, and when a new style is released that I would feel good in, they are sure to let me know. Who doesn't want a personal shopper from the comfort of home?

"We believe every individual is beautiful, unique, and most of all — powerful. And through these attributes, we believe anyone can create and live a life of purpose and gratitude. These beliefs are why LuLaRoe was created; they bind us together like threads, sewing us into a community of lasting love and fellowship." (LuLaRoe)

What is your favorite style? Social Retail is all about connecting people to people and people to product. To join in on the social shopping fun, please visit their Facebook Page and Website!

It is our pleasure to serve you!

Client Spotlight- Mentis Law Group

If you are in need of legal counsel for a business or personal matter, visit our friends at Mentis Law Group. Attorney Diane Mancinelli, and her team, have been earning client’s trust, one at a Time, for the past 38 Years.

Mentis Law Group provides Business and Consumer law services. Whatever you are dealing with –issues with your business, business formation, employee/employer issues, trust and estates, or bankruptcy — They will treat you with respect and the professionalism you deserve. You can feel confident bringing your legal problems to Mentis Law Group.

"We are compassionate attorneys with a conscience and believe our role is to help people in need. We listen to your problem, describe the options available, and give you a realistic assessment of your chances for success should you pursue a legal remedy."

“This isn’t just a job. It’s a job with meaning. We are helping to change people’s lives.”

3730 NW Harrison Boulevard, Corvallis, OR 97330
714.734.8999 | [email protected]

It is our pleasure to serve you!

Client Spotlight- Body Of Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center


Woke up with a pulled muscle? Injured in a car accident? Carry your stress in your neck and shoulders? Need an adjustment, massage, or a good laugh?
Go visit our friends at Body of Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center. Dr. Jason Young and his team deliver thorough, compassionate, and comprehensive care. Since its opening in 2008, at 867 NW 23rd St in Corvallis, Body of Health has worked toward a singular mission of providing health, empowerment and even some entertainment to the people of Corvallis, OR.
"Whether you are injured or just feeling a little “off” we all can be better. At Body of Health Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we want to go on this journey with you. Experience our refreshing, effective, empowering and FUN style of healthcare at Body of Health Chiropractic & Wellness Center."

Body of Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center specializes in treatment for car accidents, sports injuries, chronic pain, and pregnancy related issues. They believe that health is contagious and you have the most power to effect change through positivity- "no one ever got better by being negative". Not only do they use Chiropractic, as the name suggests, but they also offer massage and Body Composition Scans to look at the bigger health picture.

Visit Body of Health for more information and be sure to follow on Facebook. Also, be sure to subscribe to their Blog for interesting health related articles. Call 541-753-1287 today to set up your consultation and begin your journey!

It is a pleasure to serve you!

Client Spotlight- Coastal Advantage

Are you looking to buy or sell a coastal retreat, complete with crashing waves, misty sunrises and gorgeous sunsets?
Be sure to visit our friends at Coastal Advantage, based out of Cannon Beach, OR.

Marty and Alaina Giguiere officially opened RE/MAX Coastal Advantage at their downtown Cannon Beach office in February of 2013, and have expanded twice since then. First by moving into a spacious 1,500 Sq Ft office, in downtown Cannon Beach, and next by opening their second office in downtown Manzanita Oregon. Alaina, has been a top-selling real estate agent in the region since 2000.

Here is a testimonial from a client who sold their home with Coastal Advantage in 2018...
"Alaina is a wonderful agent she is kind and very professional. She took the time to really understand what we were looking for. She also kept us focused on what we wanted and helped us through the process. I never felt pressure to move too quickly. We appreciate that it never felt like the sale was her priority. What we needed and wanted was always the priority."

If you are in the market for a gorgeous Coastal Home/Property, contact Marty and Alaina Giguiere, and their team at Coastal Advantage.
RE/MAX Coastal Advantage's main Office is located at 219 N. Hemlock Street, Cannon Beach, OR 97110. You can reach that office at (503) 436-1777.
The Manzanita Office is located at 430 Laneda Manzanita, at the intersection of 4th and Laneda. That phone # is (503) 368-1777

Be sure to follow on Facebook at Coastal Advantage

It is our pleasure to serve you!

Client Spotlight- Manzanita Beach Getaway


Manzanita Beach Getaway was created with a great dream in mind — to create memorable beach vacations for guests, and valuable investments for owners. They are dedicated to serving homeowners and renters with great customer service, based on being empathetic and friendly.

"The homes we manage and rent are a curated selection of beach-style luxury properties in North and South Manzanita, as well as Neahkahnie Beach. We are based locally in order to respond to requests quickly, and we know the homes inside and out. We have relationships with local contractors in order to handle any situation that might arise."

If you have a lovely Manzanita area Beach home, make the most of it by operating it as a vacation rental. Manzanita Beach Getaways will work with you to understand your travel schedule and determine rental goals. From there, they handle all bookings, vacation planning, and cleaning.

"We will put all your doubts and worries to rest, so that you can enjoy your home when you're in town, and have peace of mind when you're away."
If you are looking for a safe and much-needed beach getaway, look no further! Whether it be for one night, a weekend or more, you are sure to enjoy a clean and inviting space, where the instant you walk in, you will feel safe and welcomed. Celebrating something special like a birthday or anniversary- there might even be a little something special waiting for your arrival.

Being a small business, they have teamed up with many other local companies and created a Guest Loyalty Card with special offers and discounts for guests to enjoy.
Check out Manzanita Beach Getaway , or contact by phone at 855-368-2929 OR 503-368-2929, and be sure to sign up to receive the Manzanita Beach Getaway Newsletter for valuable information and upcoming specials!
Right now, events are limited in the area. Manzanita Beach Getaway would love to offer a 5% discount on any upcoming stay- just use code "PACIFICPAYROLL5" at check out.

It is our pleasure to serve you!

Client Spotlight- B. Boutique


If you are in the Cannon Beach area, or online, you really must check out this adorable, women owned and operated Boutique!

From the streets of Seaside, to their hometown of Cannon Beach, and now worldwide with a digital platform, B. Boutique is backed with 17 years of growth and pursuit in the women’s fashion industry. With three-Generations of business powerhouse women, they aim to empower other women through honesty, kindness, generosity and most of all having fun!

Be on the lookout as they bring Premiere Items and New Arrivals through their Facebook Live Fashion Shows, made famous in 2020. They are up-leveling the experience in 2021 through their gorgeous website at Jenny B. Boutique

Check out 'The BBO Journal' with New Arrivals and updates!

On their website, there is a place to schedule a private appointment and have the store to yourself, because who doesn't need a personal shopper and stylist?
That is amazing!
It is our pleasure to serve you!