Client Spotlight- LuLaRoe Melissa Campbell


If you were to look up "Dynamic Duo" in the dictionary, you just might find this picture...

"Al and Mel", as their clients refer to them, have been in the business of spreading joy and simply comfortable clothing since 2014. They reside in Corvallis, OR, with their four beautiful children. This business has provided them the opportunity to work from home on their own terms, and to travel abroad, making amazing memories.
If you haven't heard of LuLaRoe, they are best known for their buttery soft leggings, and there is so much more to love.
Melissa and Allen Campbell are Independent Fashion Retailers and their inventory is completely unique. LuLaRoe makes limited quantities of a print, so the chances of you seeing someone else in the same print and style are slim to none.
The LuLaRoe business model is called Social Retail. Melissa and Allen work hard to connect with their customers on a personal level, through pop up boutiques and online. This modern and relevant way of shopping develops meaningful, long lasting relationships. For example, they know I love ladybugs, so anytime there is a piece with a fun ladybug print, they give me a shoutout. They know my favorite styles, what I feel empowered wearing, and when a new style is released that I would feel good in, they are sure to let me know. Who doesn't want a personal shopper from the comfort of home?

"We believe every individual is beautiful, unique, and most of all — powerful. And through these attributes, we believe anyone can create and live a life of purpose and gratitude. These beliefs are why LuLaRoe was created; they bind us together like threads, sewing us into a community of lasting love and fellowship." (LuLaRoe)

What is your favorite style? Social Retail is all about connecting people to people and people to product. To join in on the social shopping fun, please visit their Facebook Page and Website!

It is our pleasure to serve you!